Alice La Croix

I changed two High Educations before realized that making art objects is what I really DO love.

I graduated National  School of Arts and doll-making courses to be able to embody the things that my imagination creates.  In 2015 my dolls took part in a doll exhibition in the National Museum of History of Moldova.

I want the unreal things to exist in reality and everybody can see them and feel «life» in things that logically shouldn’t have it. Miracles are born from paradoxes.  My Weird Companions are about acceptance and forgiving yourself no matter how «weird» or «сreepy» you seem- there exist people who truly need you. Darkness is a sword, given us by Lord.

"Bullfinch Lady"

Art Doll, paperclay, fabric, acrylics

Size: 38 cm

"Childish Robin & Belove"

Art Doll, Art Toy, Case, 

paperclay, fabric, cardboard, acrylics.

Doll Size: 30 cm

Coffin Size: 8 x 25 x 10cm


Art Doll, paperclay, fabric, acrylics, phosphoric paint

Size: 31 cm


Art Doll,

paperclay, fabric, acrylics, phosphoric paint, nightlight +LED

Size: 65 cm

"Hipster Chloe"

Art Doll, paperclay, fabric, acrylics

Size: 66 cm



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