Giuditta Rustica

”Giuditta's artworks are made with graphite and mixed techniques on cardboard. Her project presents a psychological map and spiritual landscape of the human being, and unmasks the false appearances that conceal the true nature of human reality.

What better way to peer into this current human stage of evolution than to see firsthand dark and classical portraits laden with many stirring, nostalgic and elegiac memories, dream states, nightmares and other hidden layers. The subjects in Giuditta's art undergo a powerful self-examination. Her research delves into the inner human landscape to explore its depth. These universal "portraits" offer keen insight into complex
human emotions, behaviors and cognition. They deeply reflect on the current state of the individual
and collective unconscious, transcending the cultural stereotypes and barriers.” Alan Freshman, New York

"Chrysalis V"

Pencils and mixed on paper  

Size: 70x50 cm

"Chrysalis II"

Pencils and mixed on paper  

Size: 70x50 cm

"Nymph III"

Pencils and mixed on paper  

Size: 70x50 cm



9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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