Sylvain Boisjoly

Canadian Artist Sylvain Boisjoly’s work is born out of raw emotion. “I paint to free myself away from my dark ideas that sometimes haunt the corners of my mind,” he boldly states. Boisjoly has been driven by a mid-life crisis he sees as a stepping stone to a new life. This shift in his comfort zone has prompted him to explore and develop his creativity. Impulsion guides his work and Boisjoly’s paintings often reflect his environment, showcasing inequality and

social injustice. 

The artist has developed a unique style, painting with gouache on paper as well as acrylic on canvas, but is willing to express himself with other mediums and various ways to paint. Mid-life crises may have brought the darkness, but perhaps owing to the influence that impressionism and abstract art have had on his work the light does appear. “I also paint when I’m happy, when my emotions take me to the highest peaks. My work is then tinted with a tad of joy,” say’s Boisjoly, noting, “For sure, my art comes from the heart and this is how I want to touch people.”


Acrylic on canvas

Size: 61x76 cm


Acrylic on canvas

Size: 46x61 cm



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